; The name of the 'dist' (the base name of the release tarball)
name             = Cucumber-TagExpressions
; A short description of the content of the dist
abstract         = A library for parsing and evaluating cucumber tag expressions (filters)
; The main module presents the primary page shown on MetaCPAN.org for the dist
main_module      = lib/Cucumber/TagExpressions.pm
; A list of authors, one author per 'author=' row
author           = Erik Huelsmann <ehuels@gmail.com>
author           = Cucumber Ltd
license          = MIT
is_trial         = 0
copyright_holder = Erik Huelsmann, Cucumber Ltd

bugtracker.web    = https://github.com/cucumber/common/issues
repository.url    = https://github.com/cucumber/common.git
repository.web    = https://github.com/cucumber/common/messages/perl
repository.type   = git



; explicitly add unversioned files

. = my $v = `cat ./VERSION`; chomp( $v ); $v;