Xmms::Streamcast - extention of Xmms::Perl to control one or more
		streamcast servers.

You need to have Xmms::Perl installed on your machine first.

Add '+require Xmms::Streamcast;' to your .xmms/.perlrc file.

Add the following lines to your .xmms/config.perl file


Here is a list of the commands:


Summary:	Skips the current song playing
Arguments:	none
Example:	xmms> skip

request [args]

Summary:	Request a song to be played
Arguments:	Space seperated list of NUMs	
Example:	xmms> request 456 444 666
		song 456 requested
		song 444 requested
		song 666 requested

		This requests songs 456, 444, and 666 in the playlist


Summary:	Returns a list of the current requested song
Arguments:	none
Example:	xmms> requests
		465 10_forgotten.mp3
		466 11_cure_for_the_itch.mp3
		467 12_pushing_me_away.mp3
		468 01_papercut.mp3
		469 02_one_step_colser.mp3


Summary:	Display the current streaming song
Arguments:	none
Example:	xmms> stream
		464 09_a_place_for_my_head.mp3 (3:04)


Summary:	Returns a list of all the songs in the playlist
Arguments:	none
Example:	xmms> songs
		646 /mp3/metal/a_perfect_circle/mer_de_noms/brena.mp3
		647 /mp3/metal/a_perfect_circle/mer_de_noms/judith.mp3
		648 /mp3/metal/a_perfect_circle/mer_de_noms/magdalena.mp3
		649 /mp3//metal/a_perfect_circle/mer_de_noms/orestes.mp3

dug [arg]

Summary:	Its like 'dig' in perl-xmms.
Arguments:	STRING
Example:	xmms> dug liberate
		66 /mp3/metal/slipknot/slipknot/liberate.mp3 (y/n/a/b)? y
		song 66 requested
Notes:		y = yes, n = no, a = all, b = break

search [arg]

Summary:	Search playlist for string
Arguments:	STRING
Example:	xmms> search eyeless
		65 /mp3/metal/slipknot/slipknot/eyeless.mp3

shost [arg]

Summary:	sets the hostname for streamcast server
Arguments:	STRING
Example:	xmms> shost YOUR_STREAMCAST_HOST 

sport [arg]

Summary:	sets the post for the streamcast server
Arguments:	NUM
Example:	xmms> sport YOUR_STREAMCAST_PORT 


Summary:	Display the streamcast server we are connected to
Arguments:	none
Example:	xmms> sserver

Much thanks to dougm, sax, and mark for their help.