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Revision history for Perl extension Class::Factory.

1.03  Thu Oct 14 10:08:08 EDT 2004

      - Added 'get_my_factory()' and 'get_my_factory_type()' at
      suggestion from Srdjan Jankovic.

1.02  Tue Oct 12 21:02:04 EDT 2004

      - Ensure that new() returns undef if get_factory_class() doesn't
      work properly and factory_error() is overridden (and the
      overridden method doesn't die)

      - Relatively minor documentation clarifications and additions
      spurred by a Perlmonks post:

      - Added a few more tests to ensure factory_log() and
      factory_error() working properly

1.01  (never released for some reason)

      - add_factory_type() checks %INC to see if a class is already
      loaded. This gets rid of any 'Subroutine foo redefined' messages
      you might see if warnings are turned on.

      - All log/error messages now have variables in apostrophes
      rather than brackes. So:

        "Class [$class] not found"


        "Class '$class' not found"

      It's just cleaner that way.

1.00  Mon Oct  7 11:15:50 EDT 2002

      - Add overridable logging/errors (Thanks to Eric Andreychek

      - Subclasses do not need to implement any methods any longer --
      using the module is a simple 'use base qw( Class::Factory )'
      away. (Thanks to Eric for the suggestion.)

      - Add get_loaded_types(), get_loaded_classes(),
      get_registered_types() and get_registered_classes() so you can
      keep track of the factory state.

0.03  Sun Feb 10 13:00:20 EST 2002

      Added the ability to register a type/class without having
      Class::Factory include it. This is useful for modules that want
      to know all of their types at startup time but don't want to
      bring in a particular class until that type is requested. (See
      POD for details.)

0.02  Wed Jan 30 00:22:58 EST 2002

      Added simple constructor to be inherited as needed. This
      constructor automatically calls 'init()', not coincidentally the
      name that Class::Base uses. Small variable name changes.

0.01  Mon Jan 28 08:35:09 EST 2002
      Original version with tests, documentation and everything,
      written after the third or fourth time I cut-and-pasted a
      'add_type()' method to implement a dynamic factory class :-)