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Revision history for Perl extension Class::Observable.

1.04  Sat Oct 16 11:53:03 EDT 2004

      - Ensure that coderef and object observers are added as weak
      references so we don't have leaks. Add Scalar::Util as

      - Add 'observer_log()' and 'observer_error()' as overridable
      logging/error methods.

1.03  Wed Jun 16 19:45:18 EDT 2004

      Fixed typo in, thanks to Dan Langille.

1.02  Tue Nov 11 23:50:33 EST 2003

      - Rename 'delete_observers' to 'delete_all_observers' (preserving
      old name for compatibility)

      - add_observer() and delete_observer() take one *or more*
      observers now. Previously they only took one. 100% compatible
      with old version.

1.01  Wed Oct 22 08:30:14 EDT 2003

      Fix tiny POD bug (thanks to for spotting).

1.00  Fri May  2 09:58:57 EDT 2003

      - Add copy_observers() so you can copy observers from one
      observed item to another.

      - We're stable enough to be a version 1.x!

0.03  Mon Aug 19 23:02:13 EDT 2002

      - Be able to turn debugging on and off programmatically via

      - Allow any number of paramters sent via notify_observers(). (This is
      Perl, after all...). This is a very small API change and fully
      backward compatible.

0.02  Tue May 28 09:25:12 EDT 2002

      - Modified API to be more like java.util.Observable:

          remove_observer( $o )  -> delete_observer( $o )
          remove_all_observers() -> delete_observers()
                                 -> count_observers()

        Updated docs and tests accordingly.

0.01  Sun May 26 14:02:30 EDT 2002

      Initial version -- it's got tests! It's got documentation!