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Jonathan Swartz
Cache::BaseCache - abstract cache base class
Cache::BaseCacheTester - abstract cache tester base class
Cache::Cache - the Cache interface.
Cache::CacheMetaData - data about objects in the cache
Cache::CacheSizer - component object for mamanging the size of caches
Cache::CacheTester - a class for regression testing caches
Cache::CacheUtils - miscellaneous utility routines
Cache::FileBackend - a filesystem based persistance mechanism
Cache::FileCache - implements the Cache interface.
Cache::MemoryBackend - a memory based persistance mechanism
Cache::MemoryCache - implements the Cache interface.
Cache::NullCache - implements the Cache interface.
Cache::Object - the data stored in a Cache.
Cache::SharedMemoryBackend - a shared memory based persistance mechanism
Cache::SharedMemoryCache - extends the MemoryCache.
Cache::SizeAwareCache - extends the Cache interface.
Cache::SizeAwareCacheTester - a class for regression testing size aware caches
Cache::SizeAwareFileCache - extends Cache::FileCache
Cache::SizeAwareMemoryCache - extends Cache::MemoryCache
Cache::SizeAwareSharedMemoryCache - extends Cache::SizeAwareMemoryCache
Changes for version 1.05
    • fixed infinite loop with auto_purge_on_get
    • fixed directory paths on Windows partitions
    • NullCache uses BaseCache

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