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Changes for version 0.03001

  • Require Memcached::libmemcached 0.4405
  • Documented available libmemcached behaviours.
  • All libmemcached behaviours can now be set via new({ behaviour_... => ... })!
  • Optimized namespace support via libmemcached 'prefix key' mechanism.
  • Fixed methods like incr() and decr() that didn't apply the namespace.
  • Added namespace() method for Cache::Memcached::Fast compatibility.
  • Added support for Cache::Memcached::Fast style hashref server specification.
  • Added support for server weights.
  • Added $keys parameter to stats()
  • Removed malloc, sizes, and self from default stats() $keys.
  • Added server_versions() method for Cache::Memcached::Fast compatibility.
  • Added the documented enable_compress() method for Cache::Memcached compatibility.
  • Removed undocumented version() method.
  • Assorted documentation additions and cleanups.
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