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Alexander Hartmaier
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API - Provides a DBIx::Class web service automagically
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::JoinBuilder - Provides a helper class to automatically keep track of joins in complex searches
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::REST - Provides a REST interface to DBIx::Class
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::RPC - Provides an RPC interface to DBIx::Class
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::Request - Provides a role to be applied to the Request object
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::Request::Context - Provides additional context to the Request
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::RequestArguments - Provides Request argument validation
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::StaticArguments - Provides controller level configuration arguments
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::StoredResultSource - Provides accessors for static resources
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::Types - Provides shortcut types and coercions for DBIC::API
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::Validator - Provides validation services for inbound requests against whitelisted parameters
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::Validator::Visitor - Provides validation services for inbound requests against whitelisted parameters
Changes for version 2.005001
    • Fixed test failures with JSON 2.90 (RT#90188, thanks Samuel Kaufman!)
    • Fixed generate_rs to set model to contents of stash->{class} if present (thanks Alex Howarth)
    • Use Catalyst's http method matching for REST instead of ActionRole, whose feature went into core in 5.90013, and MatchRequestMethod, whose feature went into 5.90020
    • Documentation improvements

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