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Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher - Catch application errors and emit them somewhere
Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher::Email - an email emitter for Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher
Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher::File - a file emitter for Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher
Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher::Plugin::CleanUp::CaughtException - cleanup caught exception messages from Pg
Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher::Plugin::CleanUp::Pg::ForeignKeyConstraint - cleanup foreign key violation messages from Pg
Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher::Plugin::CleanUp::Pg::MissingColumn - cleanup column XXX does not exist messages from Pg
Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher::Plugin::CleanUp::Pg::TransactionAborted - cleanup transaction aborted messages from Pg
Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher::Plugin::CleanUp::TxnDo - cleanup txn_do messages from Pg
Changes for version
    • update tests to not actually use MIME::Lite::send we don't really need to send messages in the tests, just behave as if we did

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