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Eden Cardim
Catalyst::ActionRole::OAuth2::AuthToken::ViaAuthGrant - Authorization token provider endpoint for OAuth2 authentication flows
Catalyst::ActionRole::OAuth2::AuthToken::ViaRefreshToken - Authorization token refresh provider endpoint for OAuth2 authentication flows
Catalyst::ActionRole::OAuth2::GrantAuth - Authorization grant endpoint for OAuth2 authentication flows
Catalyst::ActionRole::OAuth2::ProtectedResource - Resource endpoint for OAuth2 authentication flows
Catalyst::ActionRole::OAuth2::RequestAuth - Authorization grant endpoint for OAuth2 authentication flows
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::OAuth2 - Authenticate against OAuth2 servers
CatalystX::OAuth2 - OAuth2 services for Catalyst
CatalystX::OAuth2::ActionRole::Grant - Integrate an action with an oauth2 request
CatalystX::OAuth2::ActionRole::RequestInjector - A role for injecting oauth2 logic into a catalyst request object
CatalystX::OAuth2::ActionRole::Token - A role for building token-building actions
CatalystX::OAuth2::Client - An http client for requesting oauth2-protected resources using a token
CatalystX::OAuth2::ClientContainer - A role for providing an oauth2 client object to an arbitrary class
CatalystX::OAuth2::ClientInjector - A role for automatically providing an oauth2 client to authenticated user objects
CatalystX::OAuth2::ClientPersistor - Work-around for persisting oauth2-authenticated users safely
CatalystX::OAuth2::Controller::Role::Provider - A role for writing oauth2 provider controllers
CatalystX::OAuth2::Controller::Role::WithStore - A role for providing oauth2 stores to controllers
CatalystX::OAuth2::Grant - A role for building oauth2 grant objects
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request - A role for building oauth2-capable request objects
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request::AuthToken - An oauth2 authentication token implementation
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request::GrantAuth - A role for building oauth2 grant requests
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request::RefreshToken - The oauth2 refresh token
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request::RequestAuth - Role for the initial request in the oauth2 flow
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema - A DBIx::Class schema for use as the backend of the DBIC OAuth2 store
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::Client - A table for registering clients
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::Code - A table for registering grant codes
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::RefreshToken - A table for registering refresh tokens
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::Token - A table for registering bearer tokens
CatalystX::OAuth2::Store - The API for oauth2 stores
CatalystX::OAuth2::Store::DBIC - An interface to a DBIC-based OAuth2 store

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