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Ivan Tubert-Brohman
Chemistry::Tutorial - PerlMol Quick Tutorial
Chemistry::Atom - Chemical atoms as objects in molecules
Chemistry::Bond - Chemical bonds as objects in molecules
Chemistry::File - Molecule file I/O base class
Chemistry::File::Dumper - Read and write molecules via Data::Dumper
Chemistry::File::Formula - Molecular formula reader/formatter
Chemistry::Mol - Molecule object toolkit
Chemistry::Obj - Abstract chemistry object
Changes for version 0.37
    • Parse non-integer formulas (Daniel Scott).
    • Fixed some typos.
    • Fixed bug in Chemistry::File, where $self->mols wasn't updated during the read loop.
    • Fixed bug where $atom->symbol tried to modify the symbol given (which crashed when the symbol was a constant!)
    • Added an undocumented "next_id" method (Liliana Felix Avila).
    • Documented the descriptor methods that existed since 0.36 but were undocumented.

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