Vipul Ved Prakash

Changes for version 0.30

  • ``Ping'' constraint was introduced. The constraint sends a single ICMP ping to a given address and is considered met if an ICMP packet is successfully received. ``Ping'' can be used to ascertain that network connection is available and functional for tasks that depend on one.
  • ``Concurrent'' constraint was introduced. The constraint keeps a tab on the number of concurrent processes of a specified application. The constraint is considered met iff the number of processes running is less than the concurrency level. [Feature Request #1011911]
  • Reintroduced a ``safe_sleep'' time at the end of the scheduler's while() loop. This stops the scheduler to go into a tight loop, every time there is a few microseconds of latency between task_wait and Freq constraint.
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  • Chronic - A constraints-based, opportunistic, application-level scheduler.
  • emerge-later - Intelligent scheduling for Gentoo's emerge.