David Helkowski

Changes for version 0.04

  • Updated Makefile and dependencies to depend on the latest version of XML::Bare ( 0.48 ), rather than an old version
  • Inclusion of hash2xml function into Class::Core temporarily - will likely shift to be in XML::Bare.
  • Correct _funcspec to actually refer just to the function specification, not the hash of all function specifications.
  • Don't die on callback check failures; just return 0. This may need to be revised at a later point. Point here is that the whole application shouldn't die if one permission check fails.
  • Pass raw class specs along, not just the parsed spec, so that additional data can be stored in the specs
  • Fix _hasfunc function
  • Can now pass a single variable to a class::core function, so that functions with a single parameter do not need to name that parameter ( yet to have a way to set type restrictions on that though ).
  • Spec xml file is now fetched from wherever the pm file was loaded, rather than being forced to be an exact path from the current workign directory.
  • Able to register a function to be called when a function is done running, not just before it is run ( calldone )
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  • Class::Core - Class wrapper system providing parameter typing, logging, and class auto-instanitation