William Ross

Changes for version 0.994

  • handler back to mod_perl 1 (with great relief) after widespread grumbling about premature shift to mod_perl2.
  • CDF::Handler2 available for experiments with mod_perl2
  • new() now a synonym for instance() since a call to instance() is now dropped into each data class. this caused a bug in which data classes would get the wrong factory back if the right factory had been created with a call to new().
  • fancy new Makefile.PL that installs the demo for you if you like, and adjusts the dependencies appropriately.
  • documentation tidied up at top, rewritten further down.
  • factory startup methods gathered behind init() to simplify future changes.
    • load_class tests whether the class is already loaded, thanks to clever line pinched from Merlyn. Factory now ok if many data classes are declared in one file.
    • interface to CDF::Mailer tidied up a bit.
    • Back to SQLite3. added DBD::SQLite 1.08 dependency to Makefile because 1.07 generates all those warnings. This might be a nuisance but it means that the demo runs without extra cpanning.
    • moved from CVS to SVN
    • once mod_perl2 settles down, this is likely to be released as v1.
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