use 5.008;
use warnings;
use strict;

package Class::Scaffold::App;
  $Class::Scaffold::App::VERSION = '1.102280';

# ABSTRACT: Base class for framework applications
use Class::Scaffold::Environment;
use Property::Lookup;
use Error ':try';
use parent 'Class::Scaffold::Storable';
use IO::Handle;
use constant CONTEXT => 'generic/generic';

sub app_init {
    my $self = shift;
    return if $self->initialized;    # See POD
    my $configurator = Property::Lookup->instance;

    # If a subclass added a getopt configurator, we can ask it for the
    # location of the conf file, in case the user specified '--conf' on the
    # command line. If a filename is given, we'll use that conf file. If the
    # special string "local" is given, we try to find the conf file.
    # Otherwise use the one given in an environment variable.
    my $conf_file_spec = $configurator->conf || $ENV{CF_CONF} || '';

    # make a note of the configuration file spec in the configurator
    $configurator->default_layer->hash(conf_file_spec => $conf_file_spec);
    for my $conf_file (split /[:;]/, $conf_file_spec) {
        if ($conf_file eq 'local') {

            # only load if needed
            require Class::Scaffold::Introspect;
            $conf_file = Class::Scaffold::Introspect::find_conf_file();
        $configurator->add_layer(file => $conf_file);
    $self->log->max_level(1 + ($configurator->verbose || 0));

    # Now that we have both a getopt and a file configurator, the log file
    # name can come from either the command line (preferred) or the conf file.
      if defined $configurator->logfile;

    # This class subclasses Class::Scaffold::Base, which returns
    # Class::Scaffold::Environment->getenv as the default delegate. So set the
    # proper environment here and then pass the newly formed delegate the
    # configurator. The environment will make use of it in its methods.
    if ($configurator->dryrun) {
sub app_finish { 1 }
sub app_code   { }

sub run_app {
    my $self = shift;
    $Error::Debug++;    # to get a stacktrace
    try {
    catch Error with {
        my $E = shift;
          if ref $E eq 'Error::Hierarchy::Internal::DBI::DBH';
        $self->log->info('Application exception: %s', $E);
        $self->log->info('%s',                        $E->stacktrace);



=head1 NAME

Class::Scaffold::App - Base class for framework applications

=head1 VERSION

version 1.102280


    use parent 'Class::Scaffold::App';

    sub app_code {
        my $self = shift;
        # ... application-specific tasks ...



This is the base class for applications built with the L<Class::Scaffold>
framework, be they command-line applications or server-based applications.
Applications will subclass this class, implement their specific tasks and call

=head1 METHODS

=head2 run_app

This is the main method that application subclasses should invoke. It calls
the other methods described here. If there is an exception, it catches and
logs it.

=head2 app_code

Called by C<run_app()> right at the beginning. Override this method in your
application-specific subclass to do any initialization your application needs.

=head2 app_finish

Called by C<run_app()> within a C<try>/C<catch>-block. Override this method to
do the actual application-specific work.

=head2 app_init

Called by C<run_app()> right before the end. Override this method to do any
cleanup your application needs.

=head2 initialized

Normally, C<app_init()> is called only once, namely, when the program
subclasses this class and does C<< main->new->run_app >>. However, if used
from within mod_perl, for example, the application is a cached object and
C<run_app()> is called repeatedly from the outside. In this case,
C<app_init()> should be called only once. We do this with the boolean flag


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=head1 AUTHORS

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=item *

Marcel Gruenauer <>

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Florian Helmberger <>

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Achim Adam <>

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Mark Hofstetter <>

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Heinz Ekker <>



This software is copyright (c) 2008 by Marcel Gruenauer.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.