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Marc Girod
Configuration - Configuration for ClearCase::Wrapper::MGi
VobPathConv.pod - Convert VOB tags and paths from unix to the local region
locklbtype - lock (and unlock) label types
ClearCase::Wrapper::MGi - Support for an alternative to UCM.
ClearCase::FixSrcCont in extra/FixSrcCont.pm
ClearCase::ForceLock in extra/ForceLock.pm
ClearCase::ForceLockSudo in extra/ForceLockSudo.pm
ClearCase::ForceLockUnix in extra/ForceLockUnix.pm
ClearCase::VobPathConv in extra/VobPathConv.pm
Changes for version 1.00
    • no major change anymore in sight: formal publication signal
    • rollout: typo in help string
    • rollout: check lock of baseline, and lock it as configured
    • rollback: fix to remote case on UNIX
    • renamed _wrap to _Wrap, and made small functions non autoload
    • mkview -equiv: accept times with dashes and dots instead of spaces
    • added a synctree function, optionally fixing text file containers
    • annotate -grep: only the lines searched
    • extra/FSCbrokerSuDo: skip sudo for the owner account
    • support 'an' shortcut (for annotate)
    • lock: minor fix--pass non lbtype args to cleartool unaltered
    • unlock performs a cptype if needed
    • mklbtype -inc: test locally mastered before creating new increment
    • extra/locklbtypesudo, as well as renamed locklbtype to locklbtypessh
    • lsgen: fix-- with the -a option, siblings were missed in the genealogy
    • lsgen -offspring (new option)
    • lsgen -fmt (new option)
    • des -fmt %PVn: takes genealogy into account
    • des -fmt %[<regexp>]l, including while used from lsgen
    • co: cascading branches in the config spec is preserved unless under BranchOff

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