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Abhishek Dixit
CohortExplorer - Explore clinical cohorts and search for entities of interest
CohortExplorer::Application - CohortExplorer superclass
CohortExplorer::Application::Opal::Datasource - CohortExplorer class to initialize datasource stored in Opal (OBiBa) SQL framework
CohortExplorer::Application::REDCap::Datasource - CohortExplorer class to initialize datasource stored under REDCap framework
CohortExplorer::Command::Describe - CohortExplorer class to describe datasource
CohortExplorer::Command::Find - CohortExplorer class to find variables using keywords
CohortExplorer::Command::Help - CohortExplorer class to show application or command specific usage
CohortExplorer::Command::History - CohortExplorer class to show command history
CohortExplorer::Command::Menu - CohortExplorer class to show a command menu
CohortExplorer::Command::Query - CohortExplorer base class to search and compare command classes
CohortExplorer::Command::Query::Compare - CohortExplorer class to compare entities across visits
CohortExplorer::Command::Query::Search - CohortExplorer class to search entities
CohortExplorer::Datasource - CohortExplorer datasource superclass
Changes for version 0.11
    • Bug fixed within 'find' command REDCap API
    • Added support for group permission in REDCap API. Now the users belonging to some group can only view records created by their group.
    • Improved syntax for imposing conditions in search and compare command.
    • Improved logging
    • Documentation changes

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