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Config::Model::Cookbook::CreateModelFromDoc - Create a configuration model from application documentation
Config::Model::Manual::ModelCreationAdvanced - Creating a model with advanced features
Config::Model::Manual::ModelCreationIntroduction - Introduction to model creation with Config::Model
Config::Model::models::Fstab - Configuration class Fstab
Config::Model::models::Fstab::FsLine - Configuration class Fstab::FsLine
Config::Model::models::Multistrap - Configuration class Multistrap
Config::Model::models::Multistrap::Section - Configuration class Multistrap::Section
Config::Model::models::PopCon - Configuration class PopCon
cme - Edit data of configuration managed by Config::Model
config-edit - Deprecated, use cme
Config::Model - Create tools to validate, migrate and edit configuration files
Config::Model::Annotation - Read and write configuration annotations
Config::Model::AnyId - Base class for hash or list element
Config::Model::AnyThing - Base class for configuration tree item
Config::Model::Backend::Any - Virtual class for other backends
Config::Model::Backend::Fstab - Read and write config from fstab file
Config::Model::Backend::IniFile - Read and write config as a INI file
Config::Model::Backend::Json - Read and write config as a JSON data structure
Config::Model::Backend::PlainFile - Read and write config as plain file
Config::Model::Backend::ShellVar - Read and write config as a SHELLVAR data structure
Config::Model::Backend::Yaml - Read and write config as a YAML data structure
Config::Model::BackendMgr - Load configuration node on demand
Config::Model::CheckList - Handle check list element
Config::Model::Describe - Provide a description of a node element
Config::Model::DumpAsData - Dump configuration content as a perl data structure
Config::Model::Dumper - Serialize data of config tree
Config::Model::Exception - Exception mechanism for configuration model
Config::Model::FuseUI - Fuse virtual file interface for Config::Model
Config::Model::HashId - Handle hash element for configuration model
Config::Model::IdElementReference - Refer to id element(s) and extract keys
Config::Model::Instance - Instance of configuration tree
Config::Model::Iterator - Iterates forward or backward a configuration tree
Config::Model::ListId - Handle list element for configuration model
Config::Model::Lister - List available models and applications
Config::Model::Loader - Load serialized data into config tree
Config::Model::Node - Class for configuration tree node
Config::Model::ObjTreeScanner - Scan config tree and perform call-backs for each element or node
Config::Model::Report - Reports data from config tree
Config::Model::SearchElement - Search an element in a configuration model
Config::Model::SimpleUI - Simple interface for Config::Model
Config::Model::TermUI - Provides Config::Model UI with Term::ReadLine
Config::Model::TreeSearcher - Search tree for match in value, description...
Config::Model::Value - Strongly typed configuration value
Config::Model::Value::LayeredInclude - Include a sub layer configuration
Config::Model::ValueComputer - Provides configuration value computation
Config::Model::WarpedNode - Node that change config class properties
Config::Model::Warper - Warp tree properties
Config::Model::Exception::Any in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::ConfigFile::Missing in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::Load in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::LoadData in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::Model in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::ObsoleteElement in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::Syntax in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::UnavailableElement in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::UnknownElement in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::UnknownId in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::WrongType in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Config::Model::Exception::Xml in lib/Config/Model/Exception.pm
Changes for version 2.059
    • New features:
  • Config::Model::Value: added warn_if parameter
    • Bug fixes:
  • Value: fix crash when default value raises a warning and code fix
    • returns undef.
  • added shell style pattern match to ll and ls command (e.g 'ls foo*')
  • cme shell mode:
  • cme:
    • added shell command as a shortcut to 'cme edit -ui shell'. E.g 'cme shell ssh' to edit ssh_config through a shell like UI
    • + add :@ and :.sort sub command for ordered hash. E.g.: "cme modify dpkg-control ~~ 'binary:~/.*/ Depends:.sort' -save" or "cme modify dpkg-copyright ~~ 'Files:.sort' -save "
  • fix or add completion for several commands
  • remove version req from use YAML::Any 0.303 (resolve issues with
    • Debian FTBS)

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