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Config::Model::models::Itself::Class - Configuration class Itself::Class
Config::Model::models::Itself::CommonElement::Assert - Configuration class Itself::CommonElement::Assert
Config::Model::models::Itself::CommonElement::WarnIfMatch - Configuration class Itself::CommonElement::WarnIfMatch
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigAccept - Configuration class Itself::ConfigAccept
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigRead - Configuration class Itself::ConfigRead
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigWR::DefaultLayer - Configuration class Itself::ConfigWR::DefaultLayer
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigWrite - Configuration class Itself::ConfigWrite
Config::Model::models::Itself::Element - Configuration class Itself::Element
config-model-edit - Graphical model editor for Config::Model
Config::Model::Itself - Model editor for Config::Model
Config::Model::Itself::BackendDetector - Detect available read/write backends usable by config models
Config::Model::Itself::TkEditUI in lib/Config/Model/Itself/TkEditUI.pm
Changes for version 1.240
    • Main change is the deprecation of the experience attribute.
    • config-model-edit can be used to clean up experience parameter
    • from existing model.
    • Dependency changes:
  • config-model-edit begins with "#!/usr/bin/env perl"
  • config-model-edit: use Path::Tiny instead of Path::Class
    • Other changes:
  • min and max parameters accept number.
  • preserve header comments when reading/writing model files
  • removed obsolete permission attribute from test models
    • (which broke test with C::M >= 2.056)
  • removed usage of AnyEvent (requires C::M 2.055)
  • removed use namespace::autoclean

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