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Config::Model::models::Ssh::HostElement - Configuration class Ssh::HostElement
Config::Model::models::Ssh::PortForward - Configuration class Ssh::PortForward
Config::Model::models::Sshd - Configuration class Sshd
Config::Model::models::Sshd::MatchBlock - Configuration class Sshd::MatchBlock
Config::Model::models::Sshd::MatchCondition - Configuration class Sshd::MatchCondition
Config::Model::models::Sshd::MatchElement - Configuration class Sshd::MatchElement
Config::Model::models::SystemSsh - Configuration class SystemSsh
Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh - Common backend methods for Ssh and Sshd backends
Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh::Ssh - Backend for ssh configuration files
Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh::Sshd - Backend for sshd configuration files
Config::Model::OpenSsh - OpenSSH config editor
Changes for version 1.236
  • removed build time dependency on AnyEvent
  • removed experience parameters from OpenSsh model
    • with config-model-edit
  • warn and propose a fix when public key is used as
    • IdendityFile

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