Heiko Jansen
and 4 contributors

Changes for version 2.5

  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: make updatePage() behave like the API method of that name does
  • New method updateOrStorePage() that behaves like updatePage() did
  • Automatically choose the newest available API depending on the Confluence version (unless a specific version is explicitly requested)
  • Use updatePage() API method if available (>= Confluence 2.10) and fall back to shim otherwise
  • New shim for getPageSummary() for older Confluence versions
  • Bugfix: Do not create Boolean RPC arguments based on substring matches, compare complete strings instead (reported by russt [at] releasetools.org)
  • Many documentation improvements
  • "local"ize Data::Dumper global configuration variables
  • Cache serverInfo and return cached value for subsequent calls to getServerInfo() method
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