Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason

Changes for version 0.13

  • Fix a long-standing bug of being unable to define constants from sub-packages at "call" time.
    • If you were in the callback for YourExporter::CONSTANT and required a module that also used YourExporter module to get some YourExporter::UNRELATED_CONSTANT we wouldn't create that symbol for that module and we'd most likely die at compile-time.
    • The reason for this is that we had a really naïve notion of when we should be interning constants purely based on whether we were in a nested "call" subroutine. Now we keep track of what constants packages want and intern those symbols they request.
  • We now use FATAL "recursion" warnings in Constant::Export::Lazy, if we've gone above perl's built-in recursion limit of 100 we'd rather die early than slowly exhaust all the memory on the system and have the OOM killer kill us when this happens.
  • Get rid of the Constant::Export::Lazy::Ctx::new() method. Instead we just bless directly into the package, this is just a nano-optimization.
  • Add a new test to see if we're actually defining constants, this test piggy-backs on the warnings emitted when our constant subroutines are overridden.
  • Clarify & reword some POD & inline comments.
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