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Brock Wilcox
Continuity - Abstract away statelessness of HTTP, for stateful Web applications
Continuity::Adapt::FCGI - Use HTTP::Daemon as a continuation server
Continuity::Adapt::HttpDaemon - Use HTTP::Daemon to get HTTP requests
Continuity::Adapt::PSGI - PSGI backend for Continuity
Continuity::Mapper - Map a request onto a session
Continuity::Request - Simple HTTP::Request-like API for requests inside Continuity
Continuity::RequestHolder - Mix callbacks into the Continuity request object
Continuity::Adapt::FCGI::Request in lib/Continuity/Adapt/FCGI.pm
Continuity::Adapt::HttpDaemon::Request in lib/Continuity/Adapt/HttpDaemon.pm
Continuity::Adapt::PSGI::Request in lib/Continuity/Adapt/PSGI.pm
Continuity::Request::Death in lib/Continuity/Mapper.pm
Continuity::RequestHolder in lib/Continuity/RequestHolder.pm

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