Ludovico Stevens

Changes for version 2.00

  • As of this version, these methods support a non-blocking mode and have their own polling method: connect(), login(), cmd(), attribute(), change_baudrate(), enable(), device_more_paging(), device_peer_cpu() (requires Control::CLI version 2.01)
  • Debug messages now rely on Control::CLI debug level and use bits 4 & 8
  • Attribute port was not picking up fastEthernet ports on older ERS8300 & ERS8600 in ACLI/NNCLI mode
  • Added argument "feed_list" to cmd_prompted()
  • Method config_context now returns an empty string if the device is not in config mode
  • New attributes 'oob_ip', 'oob_virt_ip', 'oob_standby_ip', 'is_oob_connected', 'mgmt_vlan', 'mgmt_ip'
  • New attributes 'baudrate' and 'max_baud'; also change_baudrate() now makes use of them
  • change_baudrate() with baudrate set to 'max' now forgiving (returns success) if baudrate cannot be increased
  • Module now supports the same export tags for class methods as Control::CLI
  • prompt_credentials can now be set either as a code ref or as an array ref where the 1st element is a code ref
  • Added console() method to better control wake_console sequence sending
  • Made changes to 'ports' attribute to accomodate 40GbE channelized interfaces which are new in VSP VOSS 4.2
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