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Marcus Holland-Moritz

Changes for version 0.77

  • ensure consistent order of enums when generating code; this was a real bug and caused the configuration part of C::B::C to report wrong (even invalid) configurations back to the user when built using a recent version of Perl that randomises hash keys
  • fix cpan #85264: the POD test was reporting a missing =back tag in one of the support modules; the ultimate fix was to ensure only the provided modules were POD checked
  • fix cpan #83167: an artificially low refcnt for immortal variables introduced recently for debug Perl builds was causing the refcnt tests to fail for SvNULLs; thanks to Reini Urban for his patch; also thanks to Nicholas Clark for pointing me to the Perl commit
  • fix cpan #78165: spelling errors in the documentation; thanks to gregor herrmann for providing a patch
  • fix deprecated use of unescaped braces in regex
  • fix some gcc and Perl warnings
  • switch from SnapshotCM to git repo: github.com/mhx/Convert-Binary-C/
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  • ccconfig - Get Convert::Binary::C configuration for a compiler