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Jan Henning Thorsen
Convos - Multiuser IRC proxy with web interface
Convos::Archive - Mojolicious Controller for IRC logs
Convos::Chat - Mojolicious controller for IRC chat
Convos::Client - Mojolicious controller for IRC chat
Convos::Command::backend - Start convos backend
Convos::Command::upgrade - Upgrade Convos
Convos::Command::version - Version command
Convos::Connection - Mojolicious controller for IRC connections
Convos::Core - TODO
Convos::Core::Archive - Backend archive
Convos::Core::Commands - Translate to IRC commands
Convos::Core::Connection - Represents a connection to an IRC server
Convos::Core::Util - Utility functions for Convos
Convos::Loopback - Loopback connection
Convos::Oembed - Generate oembed chunks.
Convos::Plugin::Helpers - Mojo's little helpers
Convos::Upgrader - Apply changes from one convos version to another
Convos::Upgrader::v0_3003 - Upgrade instructions to version 0.3003
Convos::Upgrader::v0_3004 - Upgrade instructions to version 0.3004
Convos::Upgrader::v0_3005 - Cleanup instructions to version 0.3005
Convos::User - Mojolicious controller for user data

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