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Dave Rolsky
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  • Zbigniew Łukasiak
Courriel - High level email parsing and manipulation
Courriel::Builder - Build emails with sugar
Courriel::Header - A single header's name and value
Courriel::Header::ContentType - The content type for an email part
Courriel::Header::Disposition - The content disposition for an email part
Courriel::HeaderAttribute - A single attribute belonging to a header
Courriel::Headers - The headers for an email part
Courriel::Part::Multipart - A part which contains other parts
Courriel::Part::Single - A part which does not contain other parts, only content
Email::Abstract::Courriel - Email::Abstract wrapper for Courriel
Courriel::Helpers in lib/Courriel/Helpers.pm
Courriel::Role::HeaderWithAttributes in lib/Courriel/Role/HeaderWithAttributes.pm
Courriel::Role::Part in lib/Courriel/Role/Part.pm
Courriel::Role::Streams in lib/Courriel/Role/Streams.pm
Courriel::Types in lib/Courriel/Types.pm
Courriel::Types::Internal in lib/Courriel/Types/Internal.pm
Changes for version 0.35
    • Replaced all uses of File::Slurp with File::Slurp::Tiny. See RT #95479 for the initial bug report and discussion on why File::Slurp should not be used.

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