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Cv::JA - 日本語ドキュメントと小さな断片
Cv - helps you to make something around computer vision.
Cv::BGCodeBookModel - Perl extension for OpenCV BGCodeBookModel
Cv::Flipbook - Handle flipbook like a video.
Cv::Histogram - Perl extension for OpenCV Histogram
Cv::More - A little more easy to using Cv in Perl.
Cv::Qt - Cv extension for Qt
Cv::Subdiv2D - Perl extension for OpenCV Subdiv2D
Cv in lib/Cv/Flipbook.pm
Cv in lib/Cv/More.pm
Cv in Qt/lib/Cv/Qt.pm
Cv::Arr in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Arr in lib/Cv/More.pm
Cv::Capture in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Capture in lib/Cv/Flipbook.pm
Cv::Config in lib/Cv/Config.pm
Cv::ContourScanner in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::ConvKernel in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::FileStorage in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Font in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Image in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Image::Ghost in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Kalman in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Mat in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Mat in lib/Cv/More.pm
Cv::Mat::Ghost in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::MatND in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::MatND in lib/Cv/More.pm
Cv::MatND::Ghost in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::MemStorage in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Seq in lib/Cv/Seq.pm
Cv::Seq in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Seq::Circle in lib/Cv/Seq/Circle.pm
Cv::Seq::Point in lib/Cv/Seq/Point.pm
Cv::Seq::Point in lib/Cv/More.pm
Cv::Seq::Point2 in lib/Cv/Seq/Point2.pm
Cv::Seq::Rect in lib/Cv/Seq/Rect.pm
Cv::Seq::Seq in lib/Cv/Seq.pm
Cv::Seq::Seq in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::Seq::SURFDescriptor in lib/Cv/Seq/SURFDescriptor.pm
Cv::Seq::SURFPoint in lib/Cv/Seq/SURFPoint.pm
Cv::SparseMat in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::SparseMat::Ghost in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::StereoBMState in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::StereoGCState in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::StereoSGBM in lib/Cv.pm
Cv::VideoWriter in lib/Cv.pm
Changes for version 0.29
  • make the typemap from typemap.in. Fixed the structures
    • CvSubdiv2DPoint, CvStarDetectorParams and CvSURFParams which
    • depend on the version of OpenCv.

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