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David Golden
CPAN::Reporter - Adds CPAN Testers reporting to CPAN.pm
CPAN::Reporter::API - Programmer's interface to CPAN::Reporter
CPAN::Reporter::Config - Config file options for CPAN::Reporter
CPAN::Reporter::FAQ - Answers and tips for using CPAN::Reporter
CPAN::Reporter::History - Read or write a CPAN::Reporter history log
CPAN::Reporter in lib/CPAN/Reporter.pm
CPAN::Reporter::Config in lib/CPAN/Reporter/Config.pm
CPAN::Reporter::History in lib/CPAN/Reporter/History.pm
Changes for version 0.99_15
  • ** RELEASE CANDIDATE -- still hopefully the last one before 1.00 ***
    • This release is dedicated to Slaven Rezic for boldly smoking with
    • the pre-release of Perl 5.005_05.
    • Work around missing 5.005 Fcntl constants (noted by Slaven Rezic)
    • Fix bug detecting perl version failure in test output (found by Slaven Rezic while testing Sub::Uplevel on 5.00505)
    • Fix bug detecting OS unsupported in test.pl and make
    • Test output truncated at 50K to ensure reports will be accepted by perl.org's MX and to avoid excessive output in general (MX limitation noted by Slaven Rezic)
    • Added documentation note in History.pm that all methods are currently private
    • Removed API.pm and FAQ.pm from MANIFEST and tarball -- these are just source files for API.pod and FAQ.pod generated with Pod::WikiDoc

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