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David Golden
Capture::Tiny - Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs
Changes for version 0.12
    • Added:
    • New functions capture_stdout, capture_stderr, tee_stdout, tee_stderr
  • rt.cpan.org #60515
    • Capture functions also returns the return values from the executed coderef [rt.cpan.org #61794, adapted from patch by Christian Walde]
    • Capture functions take optional custom filehandles for capturing via named files instead of anonymous ones [inspired by Christian Walde]
    • Fixed:
    • Tied filehandles based on Tie::StdHandle can now use the ":utf8" layer; removed remaining TODO tests; adds Scalar::Util as a dependency
    • Changed:
    • When Time::HiRes::usleep is available, tee operations will sleep during the busy-loop waiting for tee processes to be ready
  • rt.cpan.org #67858

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