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David Golden
Module::Build::API - API Reference for Module Authors
Module::Build::Authoring - Authoring Module::Build modules
config_data - Query or change configuration of Perl modules
Module::Build - Build and install Perl modules
Module::Build::Base - Default methods for Module::Build
Module::Build::Compat - Compatibility with ExtUtils::MakeMaker
Module::Build::Cookbook - Examples of Module::Build Usage
Module::Build::ModuleInfo - Gather package and POD information from a perl module file
Module::Build::PPMMaker - Perl Package Manager file creation
Module::Build::Platform::Amiga - Builder class for Amiga platforms
Module::Build::Platform::Default - Stub class for unknown platforms
Module::Build::Platform::EBCDIC - Builder class for EBCDIC platforms
Module::Build::Platform::MPEiX - Builder class for MPEiX platforms
Module::Build::Platform::MacOS - Builder class for MacOS platforms
Module::Build::Platform::RiscOS - Builder class for RiscOS platforms
Module::Build::Platform::Unix - Builder class for Unix platforms
Module::Build::Platform::VMS - Builder class for VMS platforms
Module::Build::Platform::VOS - Builder class for VOS platforms
Module::Build::Platform::Windows - Builder class for Windows platforms
Module::Build::Platform::aix - Builder class for AIX platform
Module::Build::Platform::cygwin - Builder class for Cygwin platform
Module::Build::Platform::darwin - Builder class for Mac OS X platform
Module::Build::Platform::os2 - Builder class for OS/2 platform
Module::Build::YAML - Provides just enough YAML support so that Module::Build works even if YAML.pm is not installed
Module::Build::Config in lib/Module/Build/Config.pm
Module::Build::Dumper in lib/Module/Build/Dumper.pm
Module::Build::Notes in lib/Module/Build/Notes.pm
Module::Build::PodParser in lib/Module/Build/PodParser.pm
Module::Build::Version in lib/Module/Build/Version.pm
Changes for version 0.33_06
    • Bug-fixes:
    • Bundled version code will use pure Perl on 5.10.0 to work around a corner case involving eval and locale [John Peacock]
    • Reversed VMS patch from 0.33_03 [Craig Berry]
    • PL_files in Build.PL that are in the bin/scripts directory should not be installed as if they are scripts (fixed for case-tolerant systems).
  • David Golden, reported by Craig Berry

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