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David Golden
Module::Build::API - API Reference for Module Authors
Module::Build::Authoring - Authoring Module::Build modules
Module::Build::Bundling - How to bundle Module::Build with a distribution
config_data - Query or change configuration of Perl modules
Module::Build - Build and install Perl modules
Module::Build::Base - Default methods for Module::Build
Module::Build::Compat - Compatibility with ExtUtils::MakeMaker
Module::Build::Cookbook - Examples of Module::Build Usage
Module::Build::ModuleInfo - Gather package and POD information from a perl module file
Module::Build::Notes - Create persistent distribution configuration modules
Module::Build::PPMMaker - Perl Package Manager file creation
Module::Build::Platform::Amiga - Builder class for Amiga platforms
Module::Build::Platform::Default - Stub class for unknown platforms
Module::Build::Platform::EBCDIC - Builder class for EBCDIC platforms
Module::Build::Platform::MPEiX - Builder class for MPEiX platforms
Module::Build::Platform::MacOS - Builder class for MacOS platforms
Module::Build::Platform::RiscOS - Builder class for RiscOS platforms
Module::Build::Platform::Unix - Builder class for Unix platforms
Module::Build::Platform::VMS - Builder class for VMS platforms
Module::Build::Platform::VOS - Builder class for VOS platforms
Module::Build::Platform::Windows - Builder class for Windows platforms
Module::Build::Platform::aix - Builder class for AIX platform
Module::Build::Platform::cygwin - Builder class for Cygwin platform
Module::Build::Platform::darwin - Builder class for Mac OS X platform
Module::Build::Platform::os2 - Builder class for OS/2 platform
inc::latest - use modules bundled in inc/ if they are newer than installed ones
inc::latest::private in lib/inc/latest/private.pm
Module::Build::Config in lib/Module/Build/Config.pm
Module::Build::Dumper in lib/Module/Build/Dumper.pm
Module::Build::PodParser in lib/Module/Build/PodParser.pm
Module::Build::Version in lib/Module/Build/Version.pm
Module::Build::YAML in lib/Module/Build/YAML.pm
Changes for version 0.35_10
    • Bug fixes:
    • bundle_inc.t is more careful about permissions and open filehandles to avoid failures/skips on Win32 [David Golden]
    • Fix compilation error in Module::Build::Platform::VMS (RT#51766)
  • David Golden
    • MYMETA.yml used to be generated from scratch, overriding any customizations used to create META.yml. Now, if META.yml exists, that will be used as the base for MYMETA and only prereq fields will be updated (to reflect any dynamic configuration); also, 'dynamic_config' will be set to false and 'generated_by' will be updated [David Golden]

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