Net::Amazon::Config::Profile - Amazon credentials for given profile


This documentation describes version 0.001.


This module defines a simple object representing a 'profile' of Amazon Web Services credentials and associated information.


A profile object is created by Net::Amazon::Config based on information in a configuration file. The object has the following read-only accessors:

  • profile_name -- as provided in the configuration file

  • access_key_id -- identifier for REST requests

  • secret_access_key -- used to sign REST requests

  • certificate_file -- path to a file containing identifier for SOAP requests

  • private_key_file -- path to a file containing the key used to sign SOAP requests

  • ec2_keypair_name -- the name used to identify a keypair when launching an EC2 instance

  • ec2_keypair_file -- the private key file used by ssh to connect to an EC2 instance

  • cf_keypair_id -- identifier for CloudFront requests

  • cf_private_key_file -- path to a file containing the key use to sign CloudFront requests

  • aws_account_id -- identifier to share resources (except S3)

  • canonical_user_id -- identifier to share resources (S3 only)

If an attribute is not set in the configuration file, the accessor will return undef.


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David A. Golden (DAGOLDEN)


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