David Golden

Changes for version 0.004

  • Added
    • 'pantry sync' downloads the node run-report to the 'reports' directory in the pantry. This is useful for examining the state of the node and eventually may be useful for searching nodes based on configuration/state data.
    • 'pantry rename' command added to rename nodes
    • 'pantry delete' command added to delete nodes
    • pantry commands that take a single 'node NAME' target may specify a NAME of '-' to run the command against a list of names read from STDIN
  • Fixed
    • 'pantry sync' was crashing due to Net::OpenSSH not working with Path::Class objects; fixed by stringifying paths before handing off to Net::OpenSSH
  • Changed
    • node names (and data file paths) are always converted to lower case (since they are supposed to be DNS names, which are case insensitive anyway)
    • 'pantry list' outputs nodes alphabetically
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