Changes for version 0.90 - 2011-11-02

  • Details:
    • Always pass cleanup test and just warn on failure.
    • Note other authors in the AUTHORS section
    • drop inc/ from .gitignore
    • skip vim swap files
    • ignore *.bs and *.xsi regardless of the directory
    • move test routines in a package (TestFirebird)
    • Build-time generated DBD::FirebirdEmbedded
      • factor-out most of Makefile.PL in inc/
      • enable FirebirdEmbedded only if is available
      • really prevent multiple debugs by dbi_arch_dir
      • compile embedded dbdimp.c with -DEMBEDDED
      • t/cleanup: keep the test configuration file
      • create_test_database: cater for host-less databases (e.g. embedded)
      • rely on the ib_embedded dbh attribute for embedded detection
      • remove generated embedded tests on realclean
      • add test for the ib_embedded dbh attribute
      • print some info about libfbembed availability
      • support DBD_FIREBIRD_REQUIRE_EMBEDDED env. variable
    • create_test_database: set test database forced writes off
    • drop sleeping in ithreads test
    • drop use_libfbembed usage
    • diagnostics on database creation/drop
    • move decoding of status into ib_error_decode
    • implement DBD::Firebird->create_database
    • add DPB_FILL_STRING_LEN macro for when we know the length
    • use the driver instead of isql for creating the test database
    • implement DBD::Firebird->gfix
    • generic create_test_database
    • check_database: rework without ISQL
    • add ib_drop_database function
    • tests: rework database dropping without ISQL
    • rework tests 92 and 94 without ISQL
    • build/test without ISQL
    • db_login6: use determined database length
    • db_login6: fix dbp ingrements for strings and integers
    • db_login/charset: copy only SV content
    • rework populating of DPB
    • db_login6, gfix: abort if DPB length doesn't match projected
    • mark all copied/mangled files for embedded as such
    • add $ENV{CFLAGS} to CCFLAGS
    • fix a format string warning on 32-bit CPUs
    • Fix comment about MS platform requirement.
    • avoid using warn(char*)


DBI driver for Firebird RDBMS server
A base class for lowest-common denominator Interbase table_info() querying.


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