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Dana Jacobsen

Changes for version 0.14

  • Compilation and test issues: Fix compilation on NetBSD Try to fix compilation on Win32 + MSVC Speed up some testing, helps a lot with Cygwin on slow machines Speed up a lot of slow PP areas, especially used by test suite
  • XS AKS extended from half-word to full-word.
  • Add functions: jordan_totient generalization of Euler Totient divisor_sum run coderef for every divisor
  • Allow environment variables MPU_NO_XS and MPU_NO_GMP to turn off XS and GMP support respectively if they are defined and equal to 1.
  • Lehmer prime count for Pure Perl code, including use in nth_prime. prime count 10^9 using sieve: 71.9s PP sieve 0.47s XS sieve prime count 10^9 using Lehmer: 0.70s PP lehmer 0.03s XS lehmer
  • Moved bignum Zeta and R to separate file, only loaded when needed. Helpful to get the big rarely-used tables out of the main loading.
  • Quote arguments to Math::Big{Int,Float} in a few places it wasn't. Math::Big* coerces the input to a signed value if it isn't a string, which causes us all sorts of grief.
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