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Dana Jacobsen

Changes for version 0.15

  • Lots of internal changes to Ei, li, Zeta, and R functions:
    • Native Zeta and R have slightly more accurate results.
    • For bignums, use Math::MPFR if possible. MUCH faster. Also allows extended precision while still being fast.
    • Better accuracy for standard bignums.
    • All four functions do:
      • XS if native input.
      • MPFR to whatever accuracy is desired, if Math::MPFR installed.
      • BigFloat versions if no MPFR and BigFloat input.
      • standard version if no MPFR and not a BigFloat.
  • Add tests for primorial, jordan_totient, and divisor_sum.
  • Revamp of the random_prime internals. Also fixes some issues with random n-bit and maurer primes.
  • The random prime and primorial functions now will return a Math::BigInt object if the result is greater than the native size. This includes loading up the Math::BigInt library if necessary.
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