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Dana Jacobsen

Changes for version 0.21

  • Switch to using Bytes::Random::Secure for random primes. This is a big change in that it is the first non-CORE module used. However, it gets rid of lots of possible stupidness from system rand.
  • Spelling fixes in documentation.
  • primes.pl: Add circular and Panaitopol primes.
  • euler_phi and moebius now will compute over a range.
  • Add mertens function: 1000+ times faster than summing moebius($_).
  • Add exp_mangoldt function: exponential of von Mangoldt's function.
  • divisor_sum defaults to sigma if no sub is given (i.e. it sums).
  • Performance:
    • Speedup factoring small numbers. With -nobigint factoring from 1 to 10M, it's 1.2x faster. 1.5x faster than Math::Factor::XS.
    • Totient and Möbius over a range are much faster than separate calls.
    • divisor_sum is 2x faster.
    • primes.pl is much faster with Pillai primes.
    • Reduce overhead in euler_phi -- about 2x faster for individual calls.
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