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Dana Jacobsen

Changes for version 0.33

  • API Changes
    • all_factors now includes 1 and n, making it identical to Pari's divisors(n) function, but no longer identical to Math::Factor::XS's factors(n) function. This change allows consistency between divisor_sum(n,0) and scalar all_factors(n).
    • factor_exp returns factors as ([p,e],[p,e],...)
    • liouville -1^(Omega(n)), OEIS A008836
    • partitions partition function p(n), OEIS A000041
    • all_factors in scalar context returns sigma_0(n).
    • exp_mangoldt defaults to XS for speed.
    • Fixed Pure Perl 33- to 64-bit is_pseudoprime.
    • prime_count uses Lehmer below a threshold (8000M), LMO above. This keeps good performance while still using low memory. A small speedup for small (3-6M) inputs has been added. Overall memory use has been reduced by 2-4x for large inputs.
    • Perl RiemannZeta changes:
      • Borwein Zeta calculations done in BigInt instead of BigFloat (speed).
      • Patch submitted for the frustrating Math::BigFloat defect RT 43692. With the patch applied, we get much, much better accuracy.
      • Accuracy updates, especially with fixed BigFloat.
    • Lucas sequence called with bigints will return bigint objects.
    • prime_iterator_object should now work with Iterator::Simple.
    • chebyshev_theta and chebyshev_psi use segmented sieves.
    • More aggressive pruning of tests with 64-bit Perl 5.6. I'd like to just kill support for systems that can't even add two numbers correctly, but too many other modules want 5.6 support, and lots of our functionality *does* work (e.g. primes, prime count, etc.).
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