Changes for version 0.71 - 2018-08-28

    • forfactored { ... } a,b loop n=a..b setting $_=n, @_=factor(n)
    • forsquarefree { ... } a,b as forfactored, but only square-free n
    • forsemiprimes { ... } a,b as forcomposites, but only semiprimes
    • random_factored_integer(n) random [1..n] w/ array ref of factors
    • semiprime_count([lo],hi) counts semiprimes in range
    • Monolithic sieves beyond 30*2^32 (~ 1.2 * 10^11) overflowed.
    • is_semiprime was wrong for five small values since 0.69. Fixed.
    • is_primitive_root much faster (doesn't need to calulate totient, and faster rejection when n has no primitive root).
    • znprimroot and znorder use Montgomery, 1.2x to 2x faster.
    • slightly faster sieve_range for native size inputs (use factor_one).
    • bin/ faster for palindromic primes and works for 10^17
    • Added ability to use -DBENCH_SEG for benchmarking sieves using prime_count and ntheory::_segment_pi without table optimizations.
    • Reorg of main factor loop. Should be identical from external view.
    • Internal change to is_semiprime and is_catalan_pseudoprime.


Utilities related to prime numbers, including fast sieves and factoring
Pure Perl ChaCha20 CSPRNG
Elliptic curve operations for affine points
Elliptic curve operations for projective points
Get a good random seed
An auto-free object for Math::Prime::Util
Pure Perl version of Math::Prime::Util
PP front end for Math::Prime::Util
Primality proofs and certificates
A tied array for primes
An object iterator for primes
Generate random primes
Perl Big Float versions of Riemann Zeta and R functions
Number theory utilities