Revision history for perl module Net::DBus

1.2.0 2019-12-16

 - Avoid memory leak with timeouts in reactor
 - Disable XML entity expansion in introspection XML docs
 - Don't include GIT repo in dist
 - Remove obsolete XML::Grove dep from spec
 - Fix GIT repo location
 - Fix misc typos in POD
 - Make reactor robust to time going backwards
 - Add GIT repo & bug tracker to Makefile.PL
 - Fix basepath when enumerating subnodes
 - Fix child paths in introspection XML to be relative
 - Support passing UNIX file descriptors
 - Fix encoding of properties via GetAll method
 - Add return & param names for standard interface introspection
 - Use org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod error code
 - Fix reactor add_exception method
 - Enable exporting objects on the root node
 - Fix introspection decode with zero parameters
 - Validate parameters for standard methods
 - Validate object interface against declared method
 - Don't include MYMETA.* files in dist
 - Fix passing nomainloop parameter to constructor
 - Fix variant type in mock iterator

1.1.0 2015-03-16

 - Support customizable timeouts on method calls
 - Fix invocation of properties
 - Fix example in object export tutorial
 - Introduce a new Net::DBus:ProxyObject providing an alternative
   approach for exporting objects
 - Cache objects when casting to interfaces
 - Treat NoReply as fatal when introspecting
 - Add UNIX file descriptor passing
 - Fix misc mistakes in POD docs
 - Fix error when when requesting bus names
 - Fix encoding of dict & variant types
 - Fix decoding of signatures with nested arrays
 - Update README to point to instead of
 - Fix handling of select() return value
 - Fix toggling of timeouts in reactor
 - Add 'strict_exceptions' annotation
 - Document missing constructor parameters.

1.0.0 2011-06-30

 - Updated to require minimum dbus >= 1.0.0
 - Automatically track change in ownership of bus names
   for signal handlers
 - Strict validation of method invocation against introspection
   data on exported objects
 - Improved error messages for invalid interfaces
 - Add API for disconnecting an object from a signal
 - Implement GetAll methods on properties interface
 - Allow leading _ in interface names
 - Other minor fixes

0.33.6 2008-02-20

 - Fix introspection XML handling when exporting objects with child

 - Improve output of Net::DBus::Dumper

 - Add support for providing parameter & return value names in
   introspection XML

 - Fixes to marshalling of variants

 - Fix handling of compound data types within object properties

 - Remove non-portable makefile rules

 - Fix ref counting bugs in error path.

0.33.5 2007-07-18

 - Added support for getting private bus connections for apps which
   don't want to deal with a shared bus

 - Fix test case to use a private connection

 - On Perl builds where integers are 32-bits, the DBus 64 bit integer
   types will be serialized to/from the Perl String type instead of
   calling 'die'.

 - Fix signature when marshalling dicts on newer DBus builds

 - Fix calling of disconnect wrt to newer DBus semantics

 - Make introspection much more tolerant of missing information
   about methods/properties/signals.

 - Fix use of magic values & added tests

 - Export the Net::DBus::Dumper methods correctly.

0.33.4 2006-11-04

 - Fixed service owner used for org.freedesktop.DBus object
   to make signal handling on the bus work again

 - Pass return value for signal handling callbacks all the
   way back to DBus

 - Fix multiple problems with marshalling of variant data

 - Replace use of dbus_connection_disconnect with _close
   when compiling against dbus >= 0.90

 - Call dbus_connection_unref in the DESTROY method of
   connection object

 - Fix reference counting in connection & pending call

 - Added example of galago desktop notifications

 - Fix test suite errors

 - Added missing import statement

 - Throw Net::DBus::Error if an async call fails

0.33.3 2006-07-05

 - Fixed parsing of introspection data if there are processing
   instructions, or other non-data nodes before the root element.

 - Replace use of XML::Grove with XML::Twig when parsing the 
   introspection XML documents, since the former has not had any
   updates / bug fixes since 1999(!), and several people have 
   reported problems using it on Perl 5.8.x 

 - Made all Perl scripts / modules / tests use 'strict' and
   'warnings' pragmas

 - Turn Net::DBus::Error into fully fledged object which services
   can sub-class to allow explicit error handling by clients.

 - In _dispatch method of Net::DBus::Object ensure that any 
   instances of Net::DBus::Error thrown by the method call
   are explicitly serialized into DBus errors, rather than 
   a generic 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Failed'.

 - Change re-distribution license from GPL, to GPL / Perl Artistic,
   matching the terms of Perl itself.

 - Add support for registering a callback on Net::DBus::ASyncReply
   objects to allow notification of completion for asynchronous
   method calls

0.33.2 2006-06-03

 - Fixed handling of variants in introspection data

 - Added binding for the DBusPendingCall C object

 - Added some missing RPM dependancies on XML libs, and on minimum
   required dbus version

 - Added support for doing asynchronous method calls, and fire-and-
   forgot calls for methods whose return status is not desired. Use
   the constants in Net::DBus::Annotation module to indicate desired
   call mode. Default is to do synchronous blocking calls.

 - Added support for the 16-bit integer, signature and object path
   data types

 - Made introspection of root objects compliant with upsteam spec,
   by calling introspect on the root object, "/", rather than a 
   Perl specific magic object path.

0.33.1 2006-02-03

 - Constructor for Net::DBus::Object allows another Net::DBus::Object
   to be passed instead of the Net::DBus::Service, to create child
   objects specifying only a relative path.

 - Updated minimum required DBus version to be 0.33 to gain access
   to the unregister_object_path API

 - Add a disconnect() method to Net::DBus::Object to make it possible 
   to unregister object from the bus & thus make it possible to destroy 
   objects which are no longer required / relevant.

 - Unregister all child objects if we are unregistered ourselves

 - Fix numerous POD errors identified by Test::Pod and podchecker

 - Increase POD documentation to get 100% coverage of all APIs,
   verified by Test::Pod::Coverage

0.32.3 2005-12-05

 - Introspection data is used only as hint, so if an object
   exports many methods, but only provides partial introspection
   data, remote calls fallback to regular typing rules

 - Re-add dbus_XXX convenience methods to Net::DBus to allow
   clients to do explicit type casting. Must be requested at
   export time, using 'Net::DBus qw(:typing)'.

 - Update all example programs to run against session bus,
   since there are no security rules to enable them to work
   on system bus.

 - Print out warning upon use, if a method, signal, or property
   is annotated with the 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Deprecated' flag.

 - Do not wait for a method reply if the method is annotated
   with the 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Method.NoReply' flag.

 - Extend Net::DBus::Exporter to enable methods, signals, and
   properties to be annotated.

 - Add support for 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Method.NoReply' and
   'org.freedesktop.DBus.Deprecated' annotations when exporting

 - Add a pure in-memory bus implementation for facilitating
   creation of unit tests which would otherwise require making
   a connection to a 'live' message bus. Can be accessed via:

 - Add an *EXPERIMENTAL* mock object to faciltate creation of
   unit tests which need to communicate with other objects on
   the bus. See Net::DBus::Test::MockObject for further info.

0.32.2 2005-10-23

 - Fix unit tests broken in previous build

 - Added patch to avoid leaking memory when throwing dbus
   errors from the XS layer

 - Added support for org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties
   in exported & remote objects.

 - Added support for getting the unique name of the client's
   connection to the bus

 - Added support for getting the unique name of the client
   owning a service on the bus

 - RemoteService object constructor gains an extra parameter
   for the owner of the service at the time it was aquired to
   deal with issues where a service is replaced.

 - Cache RemoteService objects to avoid creating multiple
   instances for the same service name.

 - Fix caching of objects by the service to avoid caching
   objects cast to a specific interface

 - Make add_signal_receiver method on Net::DBus private

 - Use introspection data for hinting only, not absolute truth
   since Python bindings don't provide complete data.

 - Adding correct handling for (de)marshalling variant data
   type to fix interaction with python bindings

 - Added magic 'caller' and 'serial' data types for requesting
   that data about method caller be passed into a method

 - Lots more POD documentation

 - Added '' demo script for listing HAL devices

 - Made example scripts interoperate correctly with example
   scripts from Python & GLib bindings

0.32.1 2005-09-29

 - The order of 'service_name' and 'bus' parameter to the
   Net::DBus::Service constructor is reversed to match
   that of Net::DBus::RemoteService

 - The order of 'service' and 'object_path' parameter to the
   Net::DBus::Object constructor is reversed to match
   that of Net::DBus::RemoteObject

 - No longer neccessary to construct an explicit Net::DBus::Service
   object - one is constructed & returned by the 'export_service'
   method on Net::DBus

 - The 'find' method on Net::DBus will search for & attach to
   a suitable bus, so no longer neccessary to hard code either
   system or session bus

 - Introspection data is no longer provided via the
   Net::DBus::Object constructor. Consult the manual pages
   for Net::DBus::OBject and Net::DBus::Exporter for details
   of new approach to defining introspection data.

 - The Net::DBus::Introspector class is no longer for public

 - The Net::DBus::Dumper class can be used to display a dump
   of an object's exported API cf examples/

 - Signal handler callbacks now get the actual signal params
   passed in, rather than low level bind info

 - The Net::DBus objects are automatically registered with
   the default reactor mainloop, unless 'nomainloop => 1'
   is passed into constructor