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Revision history for Perl extension Tie::Handle::CSV.

0.15  Mon Jul 22 2013
     - make tied HASH and ARRAY interfaces faster by moving the initial
       slice operations from the tied object to the underlying raw data

0.14  Sat Jan 21 2012
     - fix issue in Tie::Handle::CSV::Hash performing lc() on an undef value

0.13  Thu Dec 02 2010
     - in READLINE() use Text::CSV_XS->getline() instead of parse(). This gives
       a slight speedup and allows reading CSV files with newline-embedded

0.12  Fri Jan 22 2010
     - (internal) Array/Hash objects no longer store a reference to the parent
       Tie::Handle::CSV object (facilitates Storable::dclone() use)
     - 'file' option in constructor can be a GLOB reference

0.11  Sat Jan 16 2010
     - header() now returns a Tie::Handle::CSV::Array instance so it can be
       treated as a CSV string or as an array

0.10  Sat Jan 16 2010
     - added repository info to Build.PL
     - changed implementation to allow directly invoking methos on the returned
       object. fully backwards compatible unless you had used tied() to get the
       underlying object.
     - added header() method for getting the header CSV string

0.09  Fri May 17 2007
     - added support for 'key_case' => 'any' option (case-insensitive hash keys)
     - setting an invalid 'csv_parser' is fatal
     - testcover: 98.3%

0.08  Tue May 15 2007
     - added 'key_case' option in-place of 'force_lower', currently supports
       'lower', 'upper' and default
     - added t/key_case.t for new 'key_case' option
     - 'force_lower' option was removed from docs and is now an alias for
       key_case => 'lower'
     - added 'simple_reads' option to control whether line reads return tied
       data structures or not
     - the 'stringify' option now sets 'simple_reads' to the appropriate value
     - testcover: 88.8%

0.07  Thu May 10 2007
     - added 'force_lower' option for forcing header keys to lowercase in line
       read hashes
     - renamed 'openmode' option to 'open_mode' in docs and code, but retained
       'openmode' as an alias

0.06  Sun May 06 2007
     - added 'stringify' option to control whether line reads return objects
       that stringify to CSV format or just basic hash or array references
     - rewrote portions of documentation
     - fixed mismatch between file names and package names for
       Tie/Handle/CSV/ and Tie/Handle/CSV/

0.05  Sat Apr 03 2004
     - documented auto-croak behavior properly
     - when 'READLINE' is called and 'wantarray' is true, call 'READLINE'
       repeatedly in scalar context. this will allow proper behavior in
       inherited classes.  previously we just looped over the filehandle

0.04  Thu Mar 25 2004
     - croak if open fails during instantiation
     - allow a 'sep_char' option as a short-cut to creating a Text::CSV_XS
       object with a given separator

0.03  Thu Mar 15 2004
     - changed default behavior to assume file has a header row
     - clarified docs regarding headers and arrays vs hashes

0.02  Thu Mar 11 2004
     - test fix for t/tell.t on win32

0.01  Thu Mar 04 2004
     - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
        -AX -b 5.6.0 -n Tie::Handle::CSV