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Nobuo Danjou
Net::Google::DataAPI - Base implementations for modules to negotiate with Google Data APIs
Net::Google::DataAPI::Auth::ClientLogin::Multiple - keeps and sings auth_params for multiple Google Data API domains
Net::Google::DataAPI::Auth::OAuth - OAuth support for Google Data APIs
Net::Google::DataAPI::Auth::OAuth2 - OAuth2 support for Google Data APIs
Net::Google::DataAPI::Role::Entry - represents entry of Google Data API
Net::Google::DataAPI::Role::HasContent - provides 'param' method to Entry
Net::Google::DataAPI::Role::Service - provides base functionalities for Google Data API service
Net::Google::DataAPI::Auth::AuthSub in lib/Net/Google/DataAPI/Auth/AuthSub.pm
Net::Google::DataAPI::Auth::Null in lib/Net/Google/DataAPI/Auth/Null.pm
Net::Google::DataAPI::Role::Auth in lib/Net/Google/DataAPI/Role/Auth.pm
Net::Google::DataAPI::Types in lib/Net/Google/DataAPI/Types.pm
Changes for version 0.26_1
    • fix test failures
    • requires Net::OAuth2 0.07

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