Changes for Thread::Queue::Duplex

0.92	2006-Mar-05 D. Arnold

	- added Thread::Queue::TQDContainer abstract class; made TQD a TQDContainer
	- updated class wait() methods to use Thread::Queue::TQDContainer,
		rather than TQD's directly

0.91	2006-Feb-18 D. Arnold

	- updated TQD to properly use onEnqueue() in list context
	- added psichedoc classdocs, and modified Pod-ProjectDocs
	- changed to Academic Free License v2.1
	- fixed lock signalling bug in wait_until()
	- perf. opt. in wait()'s to reduce number of deref's

0.90	2006-Jan-31 D. Arnold

	- updated TQQ default redeem to auto-rebless thread::shared objects

	- updated TQD to simplify Thread::Queue::Multiplex subclass
	- fix for CPAN bug 16944 (thnx to
	- minimum Perl 5.8 required (for threads::shared::_id reference)
	- POD cleanup

0.14	2005-Aug-29 D. Arnold

	- fixed constructor to handle undef'd argument hash values

	- changed to make TQD objects fully shared
	- changed default TQQ curse() to be NO-OP if object is already shared

0.13	2005-Aug-19 D. Arnold

	- added enqueue_and_wait(), 

0.12	2005-Aug-12	D. Arnold

	- fixed bad test cases

0.11	2005-Aug-15	D. Arnold

	- added Thread::Queue::Queueable (aka TQQ) abstract class
		to provide Observable pattern for queued
	- added enqueue_urgent() to TQD
	- added cancel(), cancel_all() to TQD
	- made TQD a TQQ object
	- added enqueue_simplex(), enqueue_simplex_urgent()
		to TQD for simplex request handling

	- added listen(), ignore()
	- added ListenerRequired, MaxPending constructor hash
	- added class-level versions of wait(), wait_until(), wait_any(),
		wait_all(), etc. to support waiting on multiple queues
	- added set_max_pending(), enqueue() block when pending requests
		exceed MaxPending count
	- added dequeue_urgent(), similar to dequeue_nb, but only dequeues
		urgent elements
	- added mark(), unmark(), get_mark(), marked() to TQD to permit 
		properties to be added to requests after they've been queued, 
		but before they've been respond()'d to.

0.10	2005-Jul-01	D. Arnold
	First release.