Change file for Text::WagnerFischer
Dree Mistrut <>

Version 0.0.5 : 2005/12/01 
	Maintainer of the code is Davide Bergamini.
	It will look deeper to see any improvement
	and to test code.

Version 0.0.4 : 2003/04/13

   Fixed a typo in the doc
   Modified Makefile.PL
   (Thanks to Daniel Yacob for both)

Version 0.0.3 : 2003/04/12

   Changed $REFC scope to permit default cost redefinition
   Added the "EXTENDING" section in the documentation
   (Thanks to Daniel Yacob for both)
   Modified test suite

Version 0.0.2 : 2002/08/16

   Fixed matrix initialization (thanks to H. Zha to point me this)

Version 0.0.1 : 2002/07/07

   No changes -- initial release