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David J. Oswald
Inline::CPP - Write Perl subroutines and classes in C++.
Inline::CPP in CPP.pm
Inline::CPP::Config in lib/Inline/CPP/Config.pm
Inline::CPP::grammar in grammar/grammar.pm
Changes for version 0.38_004
    • Revert Makefile.PL to 0.38_002 logic (remove ExtUtils::CppGuess dependency).
    • Add Inline::CPP::Config.pm Makefile.PL now writes to Inline::CPP::Config.pm rather than directly to CPP.pm.
    • Modify Makefile.PL to write to new configuration location.
    • Modify CPP.pm to utilize Inline::CPP::Config.pm rather than expecting hard-coded defaults to be written directly to CPP.pm by Makefile.PL.
    • Make t/08cppguess.t **optional**.
    • Update MANIFEST.
    • Improved how Makefile.PL specifies minimum Perl version.
    • Makefile.PL now includes a CONFIGURE_REQUIRES directive for a version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker that will support important meta tags.

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