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Changes for version 1.19

  • Fix $VERSION in Firebird.pm [mapopa]
  • Fix typo in ISC_PASSWORD spelling [stefbv70]
  • Positive logic and early return [Tux]
  • Allow re-executing/fetch on prepared sth [RT#92810, Tux]
  • Add rests for $dbh->{Name} and others [mjp]
  • Implement $dbh->{Name} [mjp]
  • Fix attributions to Mike Pomraning [mjp]
  • use strict and warnings in all modules [dmn]
  • add a test for inserting/fetching float and double numbers as an attempt to reproduce RT#101650 [dmn]
  • fix File::Which configure prerequisite declaration [RT#101672, dmn]
  • 03-dbh-attr.t: plan tests after creating the TestFirebird object [dmn]
  • Buffer Overflow in dbdimp.c [stefan.roas]
  • use snprintf instead of sprintf everywhere [dmn]