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Changes for version 1.44

  • Make sure pg_warn does not warn if the database attribute PrintWarn is off. (Tyler MacDonald tyler@yi.org) [GSM]
  • Add SIGNATURE file for Module::Signature verification. [GSM]
  • Fix error in documentation for pg_errorlevel. (CPAN bug #17434)
  • Add experimental support for using DEFAULT values inside of execute with $DBDPG_DEFAULT. [GSM]
  • Return the proper SQLSTATE codes on connection failures. (CPAN bug #17115) [GSM]
  • Fix parser to handle leading parens. (CPAN bug #15481) [GSM]
  • Make statement handles destruction abort early if InactiveDestroy is set (CPAN bug #14978) [GSM]
  • Make quote work properly for time/date types (CPAN bug #15082) [GSM]
  • Ensure all lo_ functions begin a transaction as needed if they are the first action in a script (CPAN bug # 13810) [GSM]
  • Fix memory leak in dbdimp.c (k@sawada.cc) [Kenchi Sawada]
  • Fix memory leak in dbdimp.c (dmitri@karasik.eu.org) (CPAN bug #16054)
  • Move package declaration lines to fix RPM parser problems (CPAN bug #14509) [GSM]
  • Add support for dollar quoting (CPAN bug #13608) [GSM]
  • Added $dbh->{pg_default_port} method [GSM]
  • Overhaul get_info data, add many more values [GSM]
  • Overhaul type_info data (CPAN bug #13806) [GSM]
  • Rewrite some of the quoting functions, reduce dependence on libpq versions [GSM]
  • Rewrite and optimize the do() method. Should be much faster when called without placeholders. Thanks to Tom Lane for suggesting this. [GSM]
  • Double check PQserverVersion return and use alternate method if it returns 0 (CPAN bug #14302)
  • Add support for specifying type in $dbh->quote(), such as $dbh->quote($var, {pg_type => DBD::Pg::PG_BYTEA}) Also support type => SQL_xx [GSM] (CPAN bug #13942)
  • Fix pg_notifies() bug (CPAN bug #14232) [door@lcpi.ru]
  • Add pg_ping() method [GSM]
  • Make sure ping returns true, even if in failed transaction state [thanks to Bill Moseley] [GSM]
  • Fix COPY-related core dump [GSM]
  • Fix strncpy bug in quote.c [Jun Kuriyama] (CPAN bug #14897)
  • Fix error in is_high_bit_set() [Alexey Tourbin] (CPAN bug #13406)
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