=head1 NAME

DBIx::Class::Migration::Script::Help::drop_tables - drop all tables to the connected database


    dbic-migration drop_tables --schema_class MyApp::Schema


Drops all the tables in the connected database with no backup or recovery.  For
real! (Make sure you are not connected to Production, for example)

This command is intended to be a developer convenience function.  It is not
intended to be used as a general purpose administration tool.

=head1 OPTIONS

This command accepts the following options.  You may learn more about each
option by typing C<dbic-migration help OPTION>.  The following is a summary.

=head2 includes (I,lib,libs,include)


Adds the listed paths to @INC.  Handy during development when you want to use
a development schema class.

=head2 schema_class (S)

Accepts Str. Required.

This is the schema we use as the basis for creating, managing and running your
deployments.  This should be the full package namespace defining your subclass
of L<DBIx::Class::Schema>.  For example C<MyApp::Schema>.

If the L</schema_class> cannot be loaded, a hard exception will be thrown.

=head2 target_dir (D)


When using a C<sandbox_class> for generating developer level database sandboxes,
you may wish to place the sandbox in a directory other than the default (which
is under the C<share> directory off the project root).

=head2 sandbox_class

Aliases: T, sb

Accepts: String (default: SqliteSandbox)

The class we use to create a developer level database sandbox.

You can change this to either 'PostgresqlSandbox' or 'MySQLSandbox', which will
create a sandbox using either L<DBIx::Class::Migration::MySQLSandbox> or 

=head2 user

Aliases: U

=head2 password

Aliases: P

=head2 dsn

Connection information to an already created and running instance of a database.
If you don't specify this, we will assume you want a developer level sandbox (
See L<DBIx::Class::Migration::Script/"sandbox_class">).

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<DBIx::Class::Migration>, L<DBIx::Class::Migration::Script>,
L<DBIx::Class::Migration::Features>, L<DBIx::Class::Migration::Tutorial>

=head1 AUTHOR

See L<DBIx::Class::Migration> for author information


See L<DBIx::Class::Migration> for copyright and license information