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Alexander Hartmaier
DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns - Implicit uuid columns
DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns::UUIDMaker - UUID wrapper module
DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns::UUIDMaker::APR::UUID - Create uuids using APR::UUID
DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns::UUIDMaker::Data::GUID - Create uuids using Data::GUID
DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns::UUIDMaker::Data::UUID - Create uuids using Data::UUID
DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns::UUIDMaker::Data::Uniqid - Create uuids using Data::Uniqid
DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns::UUIDMaker::UUID - Create uuids using UUID
DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns::UUIDMaker::UUID::Random - Create uuids using UUID::Random
DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns::UUIDMaker::Win32::Guidgen - Create uuids using Win32::Guidgen
DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns::UUIDMaker::Win32API::GUID - Create uuids using Win32API::GUID
Changes for version 0.02006
    • Repackaged with Module::Install 1.00
    • Migrated repository from svn to git and added links to meta tags

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