=head1 NAME

DBIx::DBO2::Docs::ToDo - Tasks, ideas, and bug reports

=head1 TODO

Issues from Comparison.pod document:

=head2 Supported databases

Any database supported by one of the following: DBD::AnyData, DBD::CSV, DBD::MySQL, and DBD::Pg.

TODO: Add ODBC to SQL Server.

=head2 SQL Abstraction

The base Record class does not support joins, although the underlying DBIx::SQLEngine classes do, and it is possible to provide your own query logic in a subclass.

TODO: Examples of using a join.

=head2 Deferred/Preloaded data retrieval

There is not yet any way to defer the loading of given columns for a select. However, it always possible to specify only those columns which are needed at a given point in your code.

TODO: Deferred loading of additional columns is expected in an upcoming release.

=head2 Multiple rows and cursors

DBIx::DBO2 currently returns multiple rows all at once. A RecordSet object similar to a cursor is used but it does not yet handle incremental retrieval.

TODO: Support for cursors and automatic iteration with closures is expected in an upcoming release.

=head2 Caching

There is no built in caching support.

TODO: Support for LRU caching and weak caching to ensuring that there is only a single instance of a given object in memory at any time are both expected in an upcoming release.

=head2 Transactions

DBIx::DBO2 does not support transactions.

TODO: Basic transactions for drivers that support them are expected in an upcoming release.

=head2 Auto-generated methods

The included DBIx::DBO2::Fields package can generate a wide variety of methods, including customized accessors for each type of field or relationship. These currently require explicit declarations.

TODO: Support for automatic detection of database columns and subsequent method generation is expected in an upcoming release.

=head2 Documentation

The documentation for this module is still fairly rough. In particular, it lacks non-reference material to introduce the its idioms.

TODO: Tutorial or "getting started" guide.


=over 4

=item *

The current test script is woefully inadqueate, and does not test the full public interface of this framework.

=item *

Records should be using prototypes for new(), to simplify both setting defaults  for specific fields, and for changing the default implementation class.

=item *

Continue to add field types, while trying to maintain some degree of consistency in naming and clarity in interface.

=item *

Move most of the primary key logic into primary_key field declarations, including fetch_id.

=item *

Add automatic generation of useful indexes.

=item *

Finish building out field auto-detection to include on-demand method generation.

=item *

Fix RecordSet filtering and sorting.

=item *

Replace Record::DefinedRow with Table::Static.

=item *

Move all of the AUTHORS and LICENSE blocks to ReadMe.pod
Include a SEE ALSO in all modules pointing to ReadMe.pod.


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